Thursday, April 3, 2014

Best sellers so far and quick update on our Best tshirts in India :)

It has been a while we haven't really blogged. We have been doing really well with some of our designs like Sports is in my DNA and TinTin t-shirts being our best sellers in the unisex collection. Well the ladies collection has it's own favorites like the neon pink t-shirt which says" Life is Fun, Keep it Simple". We are almost sold out with the sueded denim of the same design.

It has been really exciting for us getting feedback from our customers at various exhibitions that we have been. Some say why don't you get V necks, some want polo necks and the most interesting question we have got is, ' Why don't you have Tanks or Tank tops yet?'. Well to answer some of these, we want to be focused on round necks and graphic t-shirts as of now and take one step at a time. There is so much market for round necks and the demand is increasing everyday, we just don't have the time and resource right now to focus on something else. Well the tanktops is a different story, part of this question is answered by our focus on graphic and humorous t-shirts and the other part is that we are still trying to work with vendors for a good design or a pattern which suits the Indian market. While we want to introduce them soon, we also want to be cautious in doing so and launch something really appealing.

We thank everyone for your support so far and we are always looking for feedback and suggestions. Pour them in at

Here are some of our best sellers: