Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TeesTanks 2013 Earth day offer

Earth day is coming up on April 22, 2013 and we thought of an exclusive offer for an apt tee to wear and celebrate it. Our exclusive "One Less Car" tee for both Men and Women is a perfect wear for that day.

The message is very simple and clear. If we think, what impact would it cause on environment by reducing one car? One car less would mean saving 40 lts of fuel every month, One car less means one horn less and lesser noise pollution. One car less means more space on roads thus reducing the need to widen roads by cutting tress.

One car less is like saving 3 lts of water required to clean the car, which means conserving water and utilizing it for some better purpose. One car less implies greater benefits for the future generations to come.

We have an exclusive coupon code: EARTHDAY which will give you a flat Rs. 100 off on any One Less Car tees and get it for only Rs. 349. FREE SHIPPING on these tees too.

Happy Earth Day!